Bebevcos CEO Brian Weber
Bebevco's CEO Brian Weber
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Koma Unwind and Relax 5 are products of BeBevCo ( Bebida Beverage Company ) from Mooresville, North-Carolina, USA.

BeBevCo's CEO Brian Weber and his business partner Daisy Ramirez developed in 2009 Koma Unwind. This came from an idea to give the people something very easy to use in order to unstress, relax and like they call it themselves "Unwind".

The result is a good tasting soft drink with a unique flavor that reaches its target.

These kind of products are a new category in the world of drinks, the Relaxation Beverages !!! They are developed to reach a certain level of relaxation without the use of alcohol or drugs, and that makes them unique !!!

Recent market studies learned us that these type of drinks in the coming years will know an explosive growth and this will be worldwide.

Komashop is the bridge between BeBevCo and the online consumer in Europe. We make these unique BeBevCo products available for everybody in Europe.

We ship all orders from Belgium towards the following countries in Europe :

  • Belgium / Luxemburg / Netherlands / France / Germany / Great-Britain / Italy
  • Spain / Sweden / Danmark / Austria / Finland / Poland / Portugal
  • Greece / Czech Republic / Hungary / Switzerland / Norway / Turkey
  • Romania


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